About us

Welcome to Pet and More Store
Where Innovation Meets Compassion In the heart of our bustling digital storefront lies a simple yet profound belief: every pet deserves the best, and only do their humans. Pet and More Store has a mission to not only provide top-tier products for pets but also to introduce an array of innovative gadgets and everyday essentials that make life easier, more enjoyable, and infinitely more fun.
Our Journey,
Born from a passion for animals and a knack for finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, Pet and More Store , is pet-focused shop is for pet lovers and tech enthusiasts alike. Our founder, Tiza Machado, started this journey with a vision to create a one-stop shop where quality, innovation, and affordability meet. Today, we are proud to say that our store is a reflection of that vision, offering a curated selection of products that cater to the needs and whims of pets and people.
What We Offer
At Pet and More Store , we understand that pets are family. That's why we meticulously select each product, ensuring standards for quality, safety, and utility. From the latest in pet tech, toys, and accessories, we have everything you need to keep your furry, feathered, or scaled friends happy and healthy.
But why stop at pets?
Our love for innovation drives us to explore beyond the pet aisle, bringing you the latest gadgets, tech wonders, and everyday items designed to simplify your life and amplify your joy. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a busy parent, or simply someone who loves to stay ahead of the curve, you'll find something to excite and inspire you at Pet and More Store.
Our Commitment Sustainability and compassion are at the core of everything we do. We believe in doing good while doing well, which is why we partner with suppliers and manufacturers who share our commitment to ethical practices, sustainability, and giving back to the community. Every purchase you make helps us support animal welfare organizations, environmental initiatives, and social causes that make a real difference.
Join Our Community Beyond being a store, Pet and More Store is a community of pet lovers, tech enthusiasts, and everyday people making extraordinary choices.
We invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, delight, and making a positive impact in the world. Follow us on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, and become part of a community that celebrates innovation, compassion, and the joy of living.
Thank You for Choosing Pet and More Store Your support means the world to us and the pets and communities we serve. Thank you for choosing Pet and More Store, where every purchase is a step towards a better world for pets and people alike.
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Our mission is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners by providing an unparalleled selection of high-quality, innovative products. We strive to foster a community that values ​​compassion, sustainability, and the joy of living. Through our carefully curated offerings, we aim to make every day extraordinary for pets and people alike, while supporting ethical practices and contributing positively to our planet and society.


To revolutionize pet care by blending technology and passion, ensuring quality, innovation, and sustainability for a better life for pets and their owners.